What is the name of motorcycle parts?

Rearview mirror, instrument assembly, headlamp assembly, turn signal, clutch handle and brake handle. The ignition switch. Front and rear shock absorbers, shock seals. Pressure bearing, front and rear rims. Fuel tank assembly. Seat bag. Rear diaphragm of front and rear brake assembly, tail lamp assembly, exhaust pipe, front and rear brake shoes. Cylinder head, steel cylinder piston ring, valve, valve ejector rod. Camshaft, shift fork, 12345 gear, small sprocket, chain, clutch, magneto, timing gear, motor, carburetor, air filter, spark plug, electronic igniter, rectifier, high voltage package, high voltage coil, bumper and support frame. Different models and different parts are the most common.
The traveling part mainly includes frame assembly, tailstock, steering mechanism, front fork assembly, rear suspension assembly, front and rear wheel assembly and other components.
(1) Frame assembly
The frame assembly acts as a skeleton, connecting the engine, control part and transmission part to form a complete motorcycle, which bears the mass of each part and various external forces during driving. It mainly includes frame, steering rod, front fender, support frame, foot rest rod, seat cushion, rear fender, etc.
① Frame. It acts as a skeleton.
② Front and rear mudguards. Its function is to prevent muddy water from splashing on the passenger surface and other parts when the vehicle is driving, and keep the driver and body clean.
③ Support frame. Used to support a parked motorcycle.
④ Leg rest. It plays the role of a tripod and reduces the driver’s fatigue.
(2) Tailstock
Used to fix the rear turn signal lamp, rear tail lamp and vehicle license plate, and used for passenger armrest.
(3) Steering mechanism
It is used to control the left and right deflection of the front wheels and change the driving direction.
(4) Front fork assembly
It is used to guide the driving direction of the motorcycle, connect the front wheel with the frame elastically, transfer part of the vehicle load to the front wheel, and reduce and absorb the impact and vibration transmitted to the front wheel due to uneven road surface. It mainly includes upper and lower connecting plates, front shock absorber assembly, sleeve assembly and other components.
① Upper and lower connecting plates. It is used to install the front fork steering column and fix the steering handle, so that the front fork can swing together by rotating the steering handle.
② Front shock absorber. The front wheel and the frame are elastically connected together to absorb and alleviate the impact or vibration caused by uneven road surface and ensure the driver’s comfort.
(5) Rear suspension assembly
When the wheels are driving on uneven roads and bumpy, the rear wheels can move upward together with the rear suspension support and rear transmission to cushion and reduce vibration. The rear suspension assembly includes the upper and lower chain housing assembly, the rear support welding assembly, the rear shock absorber assembly and other components.
① Combination of upper and lower chain shells. Its function is to prevent sediment from entering the sprocket and chain and prolong its service life.
② Rear cradle welding assembly. Its function is to connect the frame with the shock absorber, fix the upper and lower chain shells, and make the rear wheels move together with the rear suspension, so as to play a cushioning role.
③ Rear shock absorber assembly. The rear wheel is elastically connected with the frame to play a buffer role, which is used to reduce and absorb the impact and vibration transmitted to the rear wheel by uneven road surface, and increase comfort and safety.
(6) Front and rear wheel assembly
The front and rear wheel assemblies include a front wheel assembly (front wheel) and a rear wheel assembly (rear wheel). The front wheel is a guide wheel, which cooperates with the steering part to determine the driving direction; The rear wheel is the driving wheel, which receives the power transmitted by the engine and drives the vehicle forward.
The wheel assembly is mainly composed of wheels and tires. Together, they completed the task of supporting the whole motorcycle volume and driving on the road. Wheel is the rotating part between tire and axle, which is mainly composed of rim, spoke and hub. Without causing misunderstanding, commonly used wheel assemblies are referred to as wheels for short.

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