What is a throttle?

Throttle valve is a controllable valve used to control air entering the engine. After entering the intake pipe, it is mixed with gasoline (different vehicles have different design mixing parts) to become a combustible mixture and participate in combustion and work. Four stroke gasoline engines generally look like this. Throttle is the most important part of the engine system of EFI vehicles. Its upper part is the air filter and its lower part is the engine block, which is the throat of the automobile engine. Whether the car accelerates flexibly is closely related to the cleaning of the throttle valve. Whether the throttle valve should be removed for cleaning is the focus of much discussion among car owners.

How to maintain the throttle?

How to clean and prevent should be removed to wash! Correct some misunderstandings in cleaning the throttle!

The main reason for the formation of throttle dirt comes from the oil vapor, followed by the particles and moisture in the air, that is, when the qualified air filter is used and the crankcase ventilation pipe is removed, the speed of throttle dirt will be much slower. The crankshaft is built in the crankcase, and the lower side is connected to the oil pan. The working temperature of this part is about 100 ° ~ 180 °. The engine oil will be heated and volatilized during use. The longer the service time is, the higher the temperature is, the stronger the volatilization is. In addition, the compressed gas of the cylinder will squeeze into the crankcase through the gap of the piston ring, so there must be a channel to release the gas, otherwise the oil bottom will form positive pressure (for details, please refer to the relevant articles of “Night Walker”). The reason why the crankcase ventilation pipe is connected to the throttle valve is not only the environmental protection requirements, but also the extraction of gas from the crankcase by the negative pressure of intake air. When the oily steam reaches the intake pipe, it becomes cold, and the oil in it will condense on the intake port and throttle, and then the carbon deposit mixed in the steam will also be deposited in these parts. Because the gap where the throttle is opened has the largest air flow, small space and low gas temperature, this part is most easy to condense.

Therefore, how long the throttle will be dirty depends on the quality of the air filter, the brand and quality of the oil used, the driving road conditions, the air temperature conditions, the engine operating temperature, driving habits and so on. Even for individuals, it is not possible to determine the time of cleaning the throttle valve with a fixed number of kilometers. The interval between cleaning the throttle valve for the first time of a new car is the longest. In the future, due to the continuous condensation of oil and gas in the crankcase ventilation pipe and air inlet, the cleaning frequency will increase, and different weather will also affect the speed of throttle valve fouling.

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