What are the characteristics of the structure and constituent materials of the air box?

The surface of the aviation box is made of flame-retardant materials, which has the functions of fire prevention, waterproof, acid and alkali resistance. According to the actual use of the box wall, 9mm to 12mm imported or joint venture log splints are used. According to different loads, the bottom of the box is supported by 12mm to 18mm splints as wheel plates, and all kinds of aluminum materials with different thickness and width are used for reinforcement.
The box is pasted with 10mm to 20mm EVA materials according to the actual use. The hardware accessories include butterfly lock, corner bag, universal Pu with brake, wheel vortex, hand draw, etc. Now the competition is fierce. In order to reduce the price of the box, some manufacturers use materials that do not meet the design requirements, such as 8mm instead of 9mm plywood, or even worse plates. In this way, the plates will swell after the box is wet, so that they can no longer be used normally.
In addition to the thickness of the box body, the external material of the box body is more important to keep the appearance of the box body stable. Aluminum materials must be processed by oxidation, because aluminum materials without oxidation process will be naturally oxidized and dull as long as they are placed for a period of time, which will directly affect the beauty of the box.
The structure of hardware and the thickness of materials directly affect the service time of the box. Now many manufacturers or users like to use plated hardware products, because they look beautiful for a short time, but in actual use, as long as the plated products are hit, the electroplated layer is easy to be damaged and rust will occur after damage; Although the galvanized hardware products have ordinary appearance, they can automatically release the decomposition protective layer and have strong anti-damage ability, so as to achieve good anti rust effect.
High density (EVA glue) and pearl cotton are pasted in the box. The density, hardness and thickness of these two kinds of cotton determine the protection and shockproof degree of the items carried. The three parameters must be moderate. Too high density and hardness will affect its shockproof effect; Too low, easy to sag, affecting the service life.
The external structure of the aviation box: it is nailed into a wooden box by a relatively hard multi-layer plywood pasted with ABS fireproof board. Each side of the wooden box is made of aluminum alloy profiles with a certain thickness and strength. Each corner of the box is connected and fixed with the alloy aluminum edge and plywood with a high-strength metal spherical wrap angle. The bottom of the box is made of Pu wheels with strong bearing capacity and wear resistance;
Internal structure: the box can be installed with partition board according to the product characteristics. The inner side of the box and the partition board are pasted with relatively soft EVA Composite solid return material, which has the functions of light weight, heat preservation, shockproof, moisture-proof, flame-proof, oxidation resistance and sealing. The internal and external structure and materials of the aviation box determine that the advantages of the aviation box, such as fire prevention, waterproof, impact prevention and convenient mobility, are fully displayed, and the color diversity of the fireproof board is more visually beautiful.

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