Welding technology of automobile body

Welding technology of automobile body
1Assembly and welding process flow
Firstly, when welding the car body, it should be divided into different departments for welding in turn. The specific reference basis is the actual needs of the car body and the deformation of the car body during welding. Generally, some parts are welded first, and then the welded assembly is welded with a small number of parts. If deformation occurs during welding, it can be corrected. The welding method of spot welding should be used in the welding of automobile body. After the welding is completed, the repair welding should be carried out from the middle to both sides. In this process, it should be noted that the repair welding should be symmetrical from left to right. After that, the mechanical method can be used for secondary correction, but if the overall frame manufacturing and process deformation of the welded body is deep, the heating method needs to be used for correction

2 selection of welding method
A very important part of automobile body welding process is the welding method used and whether the selection of parameters is reasonable. Usually, when welding the automobile body, we use carbon dioxide gas shielded welding. This welding method is semi-automatic, and the acquisition of carbon dioxide is relatively simple and the cost is not high. Moreover, the use of carbon dioxide gas shielded welding can provide strong protection for the automobile body, and the cost investment is relatively low. The use of carbon dioxide gas can also strengthen the rust of the automobile body
Resistance, hydrogen resistance and crack resistance. There is no need to clean after welding, and the required operation space is small and the deformation of the body is relatively small. In this way, the welding efficiency of the body will be effectively improved and the production will be higher.
3 selection of welding tools
Generally speaking, the tool for welding the body is the welding fixture. The welding fixture is a platform jointly constructed by a variety of tools, mainly composed of clamping elements, positioning blocks, supports and guide brackets. The main function of the welding fixture is to clamp and position the parts of the automobile body. Is the automobile body composed of different structural elements? The mechanical parts of these elements need to be clamped with welding clamps to fix their positions. In the new era, the development of China’s automobile manufacturing industry is very fast. There are more and more kinds of automobiles, and the models are relatively diverse. Corresponding assembly fixtures are also manufactured for different models of automobiles. Therefore, in order to prevent the model mismatch between automobile model and assembly fixture, automobile manufacturers will manufacture corresponding welding fixture for different types of automobiles. However, there is no production specification and standard of welding fixture, nor unified design and production technology in the automobile industry. However, with the rapid development of automobile industry, the welding fixture of automobile body should also be innovated and improved to ensure its good practicability. For example, when manufacturing fixture mechanical transmission device, simple and easy-to-use fixture should be designed in combination with the actual welding requirements to locate and clamp the parts of automobile body, and some commonly used tools should be designed with special attention.

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