Typical aerospace parts solutions – aluminum alloy wing ribs

“Wing ribs” are the structural parts inside the wing, which together with the longitudinal beam form the wing plate of the aircraft. The wing rib is mainly made of forged aluminum alloy.
The component has light weight, high load capacity and high rigidity. In order to successfully process a new generation of materials, such as 2050 aluminum lithium alloy, the machine tool, tool, process and milling strategy must be adjusted according to the materials. Whether indexable blade tools, cemented carbide tools or PCD tools are used, the high performance of processing with HPC and HSM aluminum alloy can meet the highest requirements for quality and process reliability.
Finish machining of HPC cavity bottom
The micro geometry of the central cutting edge ensures low axial cutting force
The optimized micro groove of cutting edge realizes vibration free machining
Applicable to MQL cooling

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