Plate making technology of circuit board

PCB board making technology includes computer-aided manufacturing processing technology, that is, CAD / CAM, and photo drawing technology. The following describes the computer-aided manufacturing processing technology

Computer aided manufacturing (CAM) is to carry out various process treatments according to the determined process. All the process requirements mentioned above must make necessary preparations before photo painting. For example, problems such as mirror image, solder resist expansion, process line, process frame, line width adjustment, center hole, outline line, etc

Cam this process to complete. Special attention should be paid to the place where the middle distance of user files is too small, and corresponding treatment must be made. Because the process flow and technical level of each factory are different, in order to meet the final requirements of users, necessary adjustments must be made in the manufacturing process to meet the needs of users

Requirements for accuracy and other aspects. Therefore, cam processing is an essential process in modern printed circuit manufacturing.

Work done by cam

  1. Correction of pad size, combined D code.
  2. Correction of line width, combined D code.
  3. Check the minimum spacing between pads, between pads and lines, and between lines.
  4. Inspection and assembly of aperture size.
  5. Inspection of minimum line width.
  6. 6.determine the expansion parameters of resistance welding.
  7. mirror.
  8. Add various process lines and process frames.
  9. linewidth correction for correction of side erosion.
  10. form a central hole.
  11.  add contour corner line.
  12. add positioning holes.
  13. add user trademark.

Organization of cam process

As there are dozens of popular CAD software in the market, the management of CAD process must first start from the organization, and a good organization will achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Since Gerber data format has become the standard of photo painting industry, Gerber data should be treated as the processing object in the whole photo painting process. Taking CAD data as an object will bring the following problems.

  1. There are too many kinds of CAD software. If various process requirements are to be completed in the CAD software, each operator is required to master the operation of each CAD software. This will require a long training period to make operators become skilled workers and meet the actual production requirements.

This is not cost-effective in terms of time and economy.

  1. Due to various process requirements, some requirements cannot be realized for some CAD software. Because CAD software is used for design, it does not take into account the special requirements in process treatment, so it can not meet all the requirements. CAM software is specially used for process processing,

Doing these jobs is the best.

  1. CAM software has powerful functions, but all operations are on getber files, not CAD files.
  2. If CAD is used for process processing, each operator is required to be equipped with all CAD software, and each CAD software has different process requirements. This will cause unnecessary confusion in management.

To sum up, cam organization should be the following structure (especially large and medium-sized enterprises).

(1) all process processing takes Gerber data as the processing object.

(2) each operator must master the skills of converting CAD data into Gerber data.

(3) each operator must master the operation methods of one or more CAM software.

(4) formulate unified process specifications for Gerber data files.

Cam processes can be relatively centralized and processed by several operators for management. A reasonable organization will greatly improve the management efficiency and production efficiency, and effectively reduce the error rate, so as to improve the product quality.

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