Performance and selection of shock absorber oil

Because most shock absorbers absorb impact and vibration energy through the flow damping force of oil, and convert it into the heat of oil to dissipate. Therefore, the damping force is closely related to the viscosity of oil, and the viscosity of oil changes with temperature. The length of motorcycle use and the ambient temperature are different. The following technical requirements for motorcycle shock absorbers are put forward for various regional operating conditions:
1. Shock absorber oil should not only have good viscosity temperature performance and high viscosity index,
There should also be a low freezing point. When the ambient temperature changes or with the extension of working time, it will decrease
When the temperature of the vibrator oil itself changes, the viscosity change of the oil should be very small;
2. The freezing point of common shock absorber oil shall not be lower than – 40 ℃. In other words, when the temperature drops to 0 ℃ ~ – 40 ℃ in severe winter, the oil shall not lose fluidity;
3. The shock absorber oil should have as little vaporization loss as possible in all the application ranges of motorcycles (including special situations such as high-speed, full load and overload driving), that is, the so-called small vaporization performance;
4. When the shock absorber oil contacts with air, it must have anti-oxidation stability and anti oil-gas mixing stability, that is, the so-called good working stability;
5. The shock absorber oil containing impurities will soon scratch the piston rod or cause the incomplete edge of the oil seal during the driving of the motorcycle, resulting in oil leakage. The shock absorber must be kept absolutely clean;
6. Shock absorber oil must have good anti rust and anti-wear effects. To change the shock absorption performance of the shock absorber, the brand of shock absorber oil can be changed, but the amount of oil added must not be increased or decreased at will.

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