Maintenance of suspension system

The so-called suspension system is to bear the body and absorb vibration between the wheel and the body, so as to provide the best ride comfort. After replacing the brake pad, check whether the return of the brake pedal is normal. During daily driving, pay attention to prevent the foot pad from sliding under the brake pedal, so as not to step on the brake. Under normal circumstances, the shock absorber will generate heat when working. If it does not generate heat, it indicates that the shock absorber has oil leakage. In daily use, pay attention to check whether the vehicle deviates during braking, how the braking efficiency is, and how the effect of parking brake (hand brake) is. During vehicle maintenance, the brake system must first check the brake oil, such as whether the brake pipe is broken, whether the brake oil is leaking, etc. The brake pedal is also a component that needs attention.

When the car is driving, the suspension system will make a “click” sound every time it vibrates up and down. When it reaches the uneven road, the sound intensifies, which indicates that the suspension system has failed, which may be the damage of the shock absorber or the damage of the rubber sleeve of the shock absorber. The brake oil of the brake system cannot be mixed. Most cars on the market are equipped with two sets of brake systems: foot controlled service brake (brake) and hand controlled parking brake (hand brake). If the rubber sleeve is seriously damaged, repair and replace it together with the shock absorber.

The shock absorber of the suspension system should be heated when working. The suspension system not only affects the ride comfort (ride comfort), but also other properties such as trafficability, stability and adhesion. It turns out that the suspension system includes shock absorbers, springs, anti roll bars, connecting rods and other mechanical parts. When cornering, especially when cornering sharply, the body roll is too large, which indicates that the shock absorber, stabilizer bar or guide mechanism components are damaged. When changing the brake oil, be sure to drain the original brake oil, do not mix it, and do not mix air into the brake oil. Generally speaking, the wear degree of the brake pad has a great relationship with the use habits. The brake pad of the automatic stop car costs more than that of the manual stop. Generally, after more than 20000 kilometers, the brake pad of the sprinkler should be checked every time it is serviced. This can better protect the suspension system

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