Main material of aviation box

1. Honeycomb panel
Air boxes our common air boxes are made of wood plywood, but the plate of the new generation of air boxes is composite honeycomb plate. This kind of plate is a kind of environmental protection material. Except for wheel plate, wheel and hardware, the box is made of recyclable materials. Good robustness is what we usually call strong collision resistance. The service life is long. Under normal use, the service life can reach 5 ~ 8 years, which is 2 ~ 3 times that of ordinary aviation boxes.
2. Shockproof layer
High density EVA and pearl cotton are pasted in the box. The density, hardness and thickness of these two kinds of cotton determine the protection and shockproof degree of the loaded articles. The three parameters must be moderate. If the density and hardness are too high, it will affect the shockproof effect, too low, easy to sag and affect the service life.
3. Aluminum
Aluminum material can also be divided into thickness. Aluminum material is the skeleton of the internal structure of customized aviation box. The thickness not only determines the aesthetic appearance of the box, but also maintains the stability of the box when it is impacted by external forces. Aluminum materials must be processed by oxidation, because aluminum materials without oxidation process will be naturally oxidized and dull as long as they are placed for a period of time, which will directly affect the beauty of the box.
4. Hardware
The structure of hardware and the thickness of materials directly affect the service time of the box. Now many manufacturers or users like to use plated hardware products, because they look beautiful for a short time, but in actual use, as long as the plated products are impacted, the electroplated layer is easy to be damaged and rust will occur after damage. Although the galvanized hardware products have ordinary appearance, they can automatically release the decomposition protective layer and have strong anti-damage ability, so as to achieve good anti rust effect.

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