Main classification of Circuit Breaker

According to the installation method: there are plug-in type, fixed type and drawer type, etc.

Product introduction A9/EC65 mini circuit breaker: lighting distribution circuit, short circuit and overload protection.

A9LE/EPNLE earth leakage circuit breaker: of grounding system, short-circuit overload and leakage protection. Circuit breaker normal operation fault protection makes the circuit breaker in the breaking position when the phase line, the neutral line are in the disconnected state, to avoid the neutral line fault with electricity. In the turn-on and turn-off operation, the neutral line is given priority to turn-on and turn-off is lagged. With short-circuit current limiting function and high rated short-circuit breaking capacity. With overload protection short-circuit leakage and voltage protection device, complete protection function, convenient and reliable wiring. [2]

Over-undervoltage decoupling device: automatic over-undervoltage delay protector is a new generation of products developed according to market needs. The protector is reasonably designed and assembled with imported components and domestic brand-name components, the product can switch power quickly and reliably in the case of high-voltage shock and undervoltage to protect household appliances. When the voltage returns to its normal value, it can automatically connect the circuit and resume power supply after a delay, which can effectively protect electrical appliances from the shock of instantaneous power supply. All functions are automated, no need for dedicated operation, the choice of two-color light-emitting secondary tube indication, safe and fast.

EC100 small circuit breaker: industrial power distribution system, short circuit and overload protection. Rated current 63A-125A, high rated short-circuit breaking capacity, with short-circuit current limiting structure. Complete protection function, with overload and short-circuit protection device, safe and reliable wiring, using “box” wiring structure, easy to expand the function, safe and reliable. Can be equipped with a variety of accessories: leakage striker, auxiliary contacts, alarm contacts, sub-excitation striker, undervoltage striker, busbar.

EPD surge protector: EPD plug-in type using the same working principle and selection criteria as the fixed surge protection. The indirect lightning and direct lightning impact or other transient overvoltage surge protection.

EIC1 AC contactor: mainly for AC 50Hz or 60Hz rated voltage to 660V and below, for long-distance connection and breaking circuits, and can be combined with the corresponding specifications of the thermal relay or electronic protector into electromagnetic or electromechanical motor starter.

ENS plastic case circuit breaker: plastic case circuit breaker is one of the new circuit breakers designed and developed by the comprehensive adoption of international advanced technology. Used to divide the circuit breaker rated insulation voltage 800V, suitable for AC 50Hz and 60Hz, rated operating voltage to 690V, rated operating current from 6A to 1250A in the distribution network circuit, used to distribute electrical energy and protect the line and power supply equipment from overload, short circuit, undervoltage and other fault damage, but also as an infrequent motor start and overload short circuit undervoltage protection. The circuit breaker has the characteristics of small size, high breaking, short flying arc (or no flying arc), etc. It is an ideal product for users to use. The circuit breaker is installed vertically (i.e. vertical installation) or horizontally (horizontal installation).

ENSLE molded case earth leakage circuit breaker: used to provide indirect contact protection for people, but also to prevent fire hazards caused by equipment insulation damage, ground fault currents, and can be used to distribute electrical energy and protect the line and power equipment overload short circuit, but also as infrequent conversion of the line and motor infrequent start with conventional leakage protection module with residual current protection circuit breaker working power sampling For two-phase, this series of circuit breakers for three-phase, if the lack of either phase, circuit breaker leakage protection module can still work normally, the rated residual action current and maximum disconnection time according to the actual situation on-site adjustable.

EGL-125 isolation switch: isolation switch is one of the most used electrical appliances in high-voltage switchgear, which plays the role of isolation in the circuit. Its own working principle and structure are relatively simple, but due to the large amount of use and high working reliability requirements, it has a greater impact on the design, establishment and safe operation of substations and power plants. The main feature of the knife switch is that it has no arc extinguishing capability and can only divide and close the circuit without load current. egl-125-4000a is suitable for switching between two low-voltage circuits or for the conversion or safe isolation of two load devices, etc.

EATS3 dual power transfer switch: two power sources are used to ensure the reliability of power supply, and one product is used for reliable switching between two power sources. This product has two switching functions: self-throwing and self-throwing without self-recovery. This model is a manual transfer switch. The design is novel, safe and reliable, high degree of automation, and wide range of use.

EW45 universal intelligent circuit breaker: mainly used to distribute electrical energy and protect lines and power supply equipment from overload, short circuit, undervoltage, single-phase grounding and other faults, the circuit breaker has a variety of intelligent protection functions, can do selective protection, and accurate action to avoid unnecessary power outages and improve the reliability and safety of power supply.

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