Liquid collector and Fan

1. Liquid collector

Liquid collector is an important part of expansion throttle pipe air conditioning system. When the expansion throttle pipe is used to replace the expansion valve, the steam

A liquid collector shall be installed on the low-pressure side of the vehicle air conditioning and refrigeration system. The liquid collector is a special form of liquid receiver dryer. Under certain conditions, the expansion throttle pipe will flow more liquid refrigerant into the evaporator for evaporation, while the excess refrigerant left in the evaporator will enter the compressor and cause damage. To prevent this problem, all liquid, vapor refrigerant and refrigerant oil left in the evaporator should be allowed to enter the liquid collector, which allows refrigerant vapor to enter the compressor, leaving liquid refrigerant and refrigerant oil. There is a capillary hole at the outlet of the liquid collector, which is usually called oil through hole. The purpose is to allow only a small amount of liquid refrigerant and refrigerant oil to return to the compressor with refrigerant vapor at a given time, and it also allows a small amount of refrigerant to enter. The liquid collector is also equipped with chemical desiccant, which can absorb, absorb and retain the moisture entering the system due to improper operation. The desiccant cannot be repaired. If there is any indication that the desiccant needs to be replaced, the liquid collector must be replaced as a whole.

2. Fan

According to the relationship between gas flow direction and fan spindle, the fan used in automobile air conditioning and refrigeration system can be divided into centrifugal fan and axial fan.

(1) Centrifugal fan

The air flow direction of the centrifugal fan is at right angles to the main shaft of the fan. It is characterized by high air pressure, low air volume and low noise. The evaporator adopts this kind of fan, because the wind pressure is high, it can blow cold air to each passenger in the car room, making the passengers feel cold air; The noise is low, so that the passengers will not feel unwell and fatigue prematurely.

Centrifugal fan is mainly composed of motor, fan shaft (coaxial with motor), fan blade, fan shell, etc., as shown in Figure 6.22. The fan blades have straight blades, front bent blades, back bent blades and other shapes. With the different shapes of impeller blades, the air volume and

The wind pressure is also different.

(2) Axial flow fan

The air flow direction of axial flow fan is parallel to the main shaft of the fan. It is characterized by large air volume, low air pressure, low power consumption and high noise. The condenser adopts this fan, because the air volume is large, it can blow away all the hot air around the condenser; Small air pressure does not affect the normal operation of the condenser; In addition, the condenser is installed outside the car room, and the noise of the fan will not affect the inside of the car. Axial flow fan is mainly composed of motor, fan shaft, fan blade, key, etc., as shown in Figure 6.23. The blades are fixed on the frame. The blades are often made into 3, 4 and 5 pieces. The blade frame is threaded on the motor shaft and rotated by the key

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