Inspection of clutch

Check the clearance: gently hold and rotate the clutch handle with the middle finger and index finger to check and adjust the clearance. The end stroke of the grip shall be 15mm-20mm and the root shall be about 3mm. The clutch clearance of different models is different, so it should be adjusted according to the requirements of the manual. Experience shows that the grip end should have a minimum stroke of 1mm. If the clutch clearance is too large, the separation is not complete, and the clearance is too small, it will cause the clutch to slip.
·Check the strength of the clutch grip: this check is as important as the clearance check, because the heavy operation of the grip will affect the operation and even cause accidents. The heavy grip is mostly caused by lack of grease or damage on the stay wire. The former is more common, and the inspection depends on tools. Pull the clutch handle with a spring scale, and the tension is 50n-60n, which is normal. If it exceeds 68.8n, it can be determined that the handle is heavy, and the cause should be found out and eliminated.
·Check whether the clutch slips: shift the gear through the pedal, increase the engine speed slightly, and then brake the rear wheel with your foot. At this time, slowly release the clutch grip. If the engine is off, it means that the clutch does not slip and the technical condition is normal; If the engine speed drops but the engine does not shut down, or the fuel filler door is slammed while driving, but the speed cannot go up, it indicates that the clutch slips and should be repaired.
·Check whether the clutch is completely disengaged: support the car ladder, screw and release the clutch grip, and conduct the shift test. If the grip is tightened and there is a gear impact sound during gear shifting, it indicates that the clutch is not completely separated.
·Check whether the cable from the clutch grip to the transmission is normal: if the plastic sheath is cracked, wrap it tightly with plastic tape to prevent water immersion. The damage of stay wire is related to the technical condition of motorcycle itself, so the whole motorcycle maintenance should be done well.

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