How to maintain the car air conditioner? Hands on teaching!


The air conditioner blows out “unfashionable flavor”. Have you changed your filter element?


If you have used an air purifier at home, you should know that the “hero” who can really purify the air and absorb particles is the filter element. The filter element of automobile air conditioner plays the same role – filtering the air at the air inlet of air conditioner. If it is not replaced for a long time, too much dust and sundries will be adsorbed, which will affect the filtration efficiency and lead to the dispersion of peculiar smell. For different models, there are some differences in the process of replacing the air conditioning filter element. Some models need to open the hood for replacement, while others need to be replaced through the glove box. Be sure to remember to replace the air conditioning filter element during regular maintenance.


Does the air smell? It’s time to clean the air conditioner!


The ventilation duct and evaporation box of the automobile air conditioning system is a humid environment where cold and hot air often meet and produce condensate. It is easy to breed bacteria and deposit dust. If it is not cleaned for a long time, bacteria and mildew will breed in large numbers, which may pollute the air in the vehicle with the air blown out of the air conditioner and enter the human respiratory tract, resulting in respiratory system related infections and diseases. Therefore, if the air conditioner has peculiar smell, we must arrange deep cleaning in time to remove hidden dangers.


In addition, if we turn on the air conditioning refrigeration during daily driving, we can turn off the refrigeration function a few minutes in advance before arriving at the destination, and let the dry circulating air blow dry the ventilation duct to avoid water storage.


Refrigeration does not awesome? Check the relevant fluid & condenser!


The vast majority of automobile air-conditioning related faults are almost related to the lack or leakage of air-conditioning refrigerant. The penetration rate of air conditioning refrigerant used in automobile is very high, and it is easy to be insufficient with long-term use in a sound air conditioning system. In professional 4S stores, the refrigerant pipeline pressure is usually measured to judge whether the refrigerant stock is sufficient, and the refrigerant is filled when necessary to maintain the normal operation of the air conditioner.


In addition to the refrigerant, the heat sink of the air conditioning condenser is also a “weak link” affecting the work of the air conditioning. If the heat sink is not cleaned for a long time and covered by falling dust and sundries, it will affect its heat dissipation efficiency and increase the operating pressure of the air conditioning system. Therefore, regular air conditioning cleaning and engine compartment cleaning are not only for the beauty of the car, but also conducive to the smooth operation of various internal systems.


Summer is coming, and the “pressure” is on the side of the air conditioner. However, for the sake of health, blowing the air conditioner must also be moderate. Do not adjust the temperature too low or blow it directly to people. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also easy to cause “air conditioning diseases” such as headache and cough. It is best to cool the whole space in the car through the circulation of cold air.


Remember to turn off the air conditioner first and then turn off the engine when using daily vehicles. Also, avoid carbon monoxide accumulation caused by opening the internal circulation for a long time. Have you learned all these little knowledge about the maintenance and use of air conditioners?

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