Future development direction of body welding technology

1 development of flexibility
Nowadays, people have a deep research on welding automation, and pay more and more attention to the relationship between electricity, light and machinery. The integration of light, electricity and machinery is very beneficial to the development of welding technology. Not only the welding is more flexible, but also the accuracy and overall strength of welding can be improved. In addition, the welding technology of vehicle body and microelectronic technology can be combined to improve the welding technology and level of vehicle body. Under NC welding, the welding work will be more flexible and the scope of application will be relatively broad. Therefore, NC welding will be regarded as our own
The main research direction of dynamic welding technology in the future.
2 development of environmental protection
Nowadays, China attaches great importance to environmental protection, and all walks of life are also changing towards sustainable development. Therefore, the automobile welding industry should also comply with the national requirements and development needs and move towards environmental protection and sustainable development. Some factors that are easy to have an adverse impact on the ecological environment, such as noise and polluting gases, should be eliminated in the future. In addition, automobile manufacturing enterprises also need to actively introduce various advanced technologies, absorb experience and lessons, and give full play to the role of external conditions to promote automobile welding
With the development and innovation of automation technology, automobile welding automation system will be gradually improved, so as to ensure the sustainable development of automobile manufacturing industry.
3 intelligent development
In addition to environmental protection, it is also important for automobile welding to develop towards intelligence. Because if the control system of automobile welding is more intelligent, the corresponding staff will be reduced, which will not only effectively reduce the cost investment, but also ensure the quality of automobile body. Therefore, in the future research and development process, we should carry out diversified development and Research on automobile welding technology, and constantly enhance the quality of automobile welding process and welding efficiency

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