Different types and characteristics of transmission

At present, there are four common types of automobile automatic transmission, namely: hydraulic automatic transmission, mechanical stepless automatic transmission CVT, electric control mechanical automatic transmission AMT and double clutch automatic transmission DCT. In a strict sense, manual self integration is a type of gearbox. It adds artificial shift function on the basis of automatic gear, and its essence is automatic gear. AMT, CVT, hydraulic automatic transmission and double clutch can realize the self function of hand. In the automobile configuration table, the manual transmission usually refers to the gearbox with the function of manual integration.

1. Hydraulic automatic transmission is a transmission composed of hydraulic torque converter and planetary gear transmission. It is a step-by-step transmission. The more complex the structure of 6at \ 5AT is, the more common the number of gears are. At present, there are 6at \ 7at and other gears.

2. CVT continuously variable transmission eliminates the complex and bulky gear combination transmission, and only two groups of pulleys are used for transmission. By changing the contact radius between the driving wheel and the driven wheel, the transmission ratio can be changed continuously due to CVT, so as to achieve the best matching between the transmission system and the engine working condition. It has no gear transmission structure of the traditional gearbox, but is driven by two transmission wheels with the variable diameter and an intermediate sleeve. The basic principle is that both ends of the transmission belt are wound around the conical pulley, and the outer diameter of the pulley changes steplessly by oil pressure. With the increase of vehicle speed, the signals of each sensor change. The computer control system determines and controls the control oil pressure of the two pulleys, and finally changes the continuous change of pulley diameter, so as to achieve stepless speed change in the whole speed change process.

3. There is no traditional automatic transmission with double clutch. It has two power take-off shafts. One controls 1357 gear and the other controls 246 reverse gear. In the whole shift process, when one group of gears is outputting power, the other group of gears has been on standby. There is always a group of gears outputting power, and the power transmission will be uninterrupted, making the shift process faster and the speed-up faster. It uses the design of double plate clutch, and there is no power interruption in the process of torque transmission, so as to greatly reduce the fuel consumption of the vehicle.

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