Design of automobile body welding line

There are many factors that need to be considered when welding the automobile body. First, have a certain grasp of the production capacity of the automobile body production line. The relevant staff can calculate according to the production volume to see how much the productivity is, and then calculate the number of stations. If there are more jobs and fast production speed, the production capacity is relatively high, and the production line tends to automatic production.
Secondly, considering the economy of the production line, the investor has certain requirements for its economic income. Therefore, in designing the welding production line, we must carry out the project cost analysis, mainly based on the investment amount, and then analyze which main equipment will affect the production efficiency. Then optimize the welding equipment and welding process to the greatest extent to ensure the maximization of economic benefits. Then there is the consideration of body weldability. We all know that if the welding process is excellent, the welding quality of the body will be guaranteed. Therefore, in addition to optimizing the equipment, we also need to improve its welding process and try to adopt mechanized and automatic body welding process. There are two assembly schemes for the main body of the automobile body, one is centralized assembly, and the other is decentralized assembly. Therefore, when designing the body welding line, we must carefully consider the welding and assembly of automobile components and ensure the rationality of their sequence, so that the automobile body will be more convenient in welding and transportation.
There are many factors that affect the quality of the car body, such as the shape of the car body, the accuracy of the size, the tightness of the welding, etc. Therefore, the quality of the car body should be reviewed during and after the welding, mainly with the test fixture. In this way, the distribution of errors can be effectively controlled, and the defects of the car body can be prevented from affecting its quality. In the process of automobile body welding line design, if the automation degree of the production line is relatively high, the workload of the body production workers will be reduced, but its production efficiency and production flexibility are relatively high, so the quality and strength of the body are relatively stable. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the automation degree of the body welding line on the basis of considering the investment. It is very important to ensure the safety of the whole production line and the safety of the whole production line

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