Design of aeroengine sensor

Design of aeroengine sensor
1. Temperature sensor. The temperature sensor is literally used to measure the temperature, and the measured part is the rear of the fan. In general, we choose the hot spot couple temperature sensor. This type of sensor has simple structure, fast corresponding speed to temperature, high sensitivity and good stability. The range of measuring temperature can be between minus 60 ℃ and 200 ℃, so it is the best choice of temperature sensor.
2. Speed sensor. The speed sensor is used to measure the rotation speed of the rotor of the engine in operation. The magnetoelectric speed sensor is selected. This type of sensor has high accuracy and stability. It can also accurately measure tens of thousands of speeds, which can ensure the high rotation speed requirements of the engine. The output signal of the engine is a periodic frequency signal.
3. Pressure sensor. The pressure sensor is used to measure the air pressure behind the press, and the piezoresistive pressure sensor is selected. This type of sensor can not only meet high standards in sensitivity and accuracy, but also measure zero to twelve absolute atmospheres, but also has small volume and convenient measurement.
4. Displacement sensor. The change of fuel flow in Aeroengine can be measured by displacement sensor. LVDT differential transformer displacement sensor can be selected, and the output signal of the sensor is voltage signal.

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