Damping force regulator and anti nodding device

1. Damper force regulator
According to the road conditions and the load on the motorcycle, the cushioning degree of the motorcycle needs to be adjusted. Shock absorber force regulators mainly include cam type, screw type, air pressure type and oil pressure type, and the most common is cam type.
For the cam adjuster, a cylindrical cam with corrugated steps is installed at the brake welded on the shock absorber body, and the cam is rotated for adjustment. This structure is the simplest and low price, so it is widely used. However, it is also possible to adjust the cam position by turning the handle.
2. Anti nodding device
The function of anti nodding (i.e. anti diving) device is to automatically reduce the impact of diving during braking according to the size of braking force and obtain comfortable braking movement. The mechanism is installed at the lower part of the front fork. When the front wheel is impacted and slightly braked, the oil in the front fork pipe flows in the direction of the medium fine arrow. During emergency braking, the action of the brake caliper is used, and the pin of the brake caliper (i.e. piston) intervenes, so as to block the oil path of the shock absorber. The oil returns to the inner oil pipe from the oil path on the piston through the orifice valve (the oil flows according to the oil path in the enlarged drawing). The passage of the orifice valve is smaller than the oil path when the shock absorber is impacted, and the oil flow is limited. The anti dive device increases the damping of the shock absorber when it is compressed, and the dive is effectively controlled. At this time, due to the action of braking force, the front load increases. Due to the action of brake caliper, the diving force is balanced with the squeeze force of the valve. Even if it is impacted by the road during the action, it can also play a certain buffer role because the normal oil circuit is still open.

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