The condenser in the automobile air conditioning and refrigeration system is a heat exchange equipment, which is used to make the discharge from the compressor high

The warm and high-pressure refrigerant vapor is liquefied or condensed in the condenser and radiates heat to the air outside the vehicle, so as to condense it into high-pressure refrigerant liquid. The structural forms of condenser in automobile air conditioning system mainly include tube type, tube belt type, fin type and so on.

The segment type is a condenser used in the early stage of automobile air conditioning. The manufacturing process is simple. It is composed of radiating fins on copper or aluminum round tubes. After the fin is assembled with the tube, it is treated by the tube expansion method to make the heat sink expand tightly on the heat dissipation tube. This kind of condenser has poor heat dissipation effect. It is generally used in the refrigeration device of large and medium-sized buses.

The tube belt type is formed by bending a porous flat tube into a snake tube shape and welding after placing a heat dissipation belt in it. The heat dissipation effect of tube belt condenser is better than that of tube fin condenser (generally about 15%), but the process is complex, the welding is difficult, and the material requirements are high. It is generally used in the refrigeration device of small cars.

Fin type is to directly cut fin fins on the surface of flat multi-pass pipes, and then assemble them into a condenser. Since the radiating fin and the pipe are integrated, there is no contact thermal resistance, so the radiating performance is good; In addition, there is no need for complex welding process between tubes and sheets, which has good processability, saves materials, and has particularly good vibration resistance. Therefore, it is a more advanced automobile air conditioning condenser at present.

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