Composition and function of automobile transmission system

The usual components are clutch, transmission, universal transmission, main reducer, differential and half shaft. The main function of the transmission system is to transmit the power sent by the engine to the driving wheels, so as to make the car run normally.


The transmission system has many functions, including deceleration, speed change, reversing, power interruption, inter wheel differential and inter axle differential. It mainly works together with the engine, so that the car can drive normally under any circumstances and maintain good power and economy.


Among them, the clutch is only owned by manual vehicles. It can gradually connect the engine and transmission system, make the vehicle start smoothly, and also disconnect the connection between the engine and transmission system, which is more convenient for the start of the engine and the shift of the transmission.



The lubricating oil must be selected for the transmission system:


The loss of transmission system mostly comes from the mechanical transmission of transmission and main reducer. The noise and heat of the transmission and the improper adjustment of the tightness of the gear bearing in the main reducer, or the slip of the clutch will cause the heating of the clutch assembly and the burn of the driven plate, which will increase the power consumption.


This part of power will be converted into heat and scattered into the air, which will reduce the working efficiency of mechanical parts and even cause damage to parts. Therefore, choosing the appropriate lubricating oil is very important to prevent the damage of parts caused by excessive friction.


Improper selection of transmission system lubricating oil, such as oil viscosity, wear resistance and viscosity temperature characteristics, can not meet the requirements of different seasons and different service conditions, which will also lead to the reduction of transmission efficiency. For example, under the same conditions, when summer lubricating oil is used in winter, due to high viscosity and poor lubricity, the friction resistance between various parts increases, resulting in the decline of transmission efficiency.

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