Body general layout design

1. Car body layout: the layout of car body is limited by the layout form of chassis to a large extent.
2. Floor convex hull and transmission shaft arrangement: in order to ensure the minimum height of the body floor convex hull and the sufficient thickness of the cushion on the rear seat convex hull, the transmission shaft is usually arranged in a U-shape in the vertical plane, which can reduce the axis of the transmission shaft, ensure that the outline of the power assembly will not reduce the ground clearance, and the included angle between the axes of the universal joint fork will not exceed the promised value. The minimum clearance between the convex hull and the transmission shaft can be 10 ~ 15mm
3. Measures to be taken to reduce the floor plane: ① reduce the height of the longitudinal beam of the frame; ② make a section of longitudinal beam on the rear axle into an upward bending shape; ③ adopt hyperbolic gear transmission on the rear axle to reduce the transmission shaft, etc.
4. Interior layout of car body: when seeing off passengers, the interior layout of car body should consider human factors, which should ensure both safety and comfort; Except for some special vehicles, the interior of the same vehicle can be considered according to the body size of adults.
5. Cross section layout of car body: the cross section of car body is formed by the shape of door and top cover, and its outline dimension can be designed according to the dimension data of driver and passenger position. (the important contour points inside the vehicle body depend on the gap between the driver’s head and the top cover, between the shoulder and the glass, and between the elbow and the inner surface of the door; the points on the outer surface of the vehicle body depend on the thickness of the top cover, the track of glass falling, the size of door lock and glass lifting, etc.)
6. The truck body is composed of cab and cargo box. The cab is located behind the engine
Long head type, a short head type in which the cab is partially located above the engine and the cab is all located on the engine
Flat head type above the engine and offset type on the offset side of the cab.

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