Auto body tooling design

When designing the design scheme of auto body tooling, because many auto parts need to be installed in different positions and small sizes, the parallel assembly method cannot be used in the design and assembly of auto body tooling, but these parts should be assembled first. Next, we will make a specific analysis on the key points of tooling design of automobile body.
1 positioning datum
The first is the selection of positioning datum, because if the positioning datum is not selected well, it will lead to the error of vehicle body tooling operation and positioning. In most cases, we use the space on the longitudinal beams on both sides of the body and the center line of the front wheel as the positioning reference hole.
2 body longitudinal beam
After the positioning reference hole is determined, the positioning of body parts shall also be accurate. The rigidity of auto parts is strong, but the above problems need to be overcome during tooling assembly. Using pneumatic clamping method not only has high assembly efficiency, but also can prevent deformation during re welding of car body. In addition, the relevant staff can also accurately locate the longitudinal beam of the car and then clamp it. In this way, it can not only effectively prevent the occurrence of deformation, but also improve the overall beauty of the car body. For example, in the processing of automobile body, the positioning block is used
Locate the lower wing surface and outer abdominal surface of the left longitudinal beam of the vehicle body, so that it is easy to start the mold and convenient to assemble at the back. In addition, the outer abdominal surface of the right longitudinal beam and the inner abdominal surface of the longitudinal beam can be positioned with cylinders and clamped again with double headed cylinders.
3 body beam
The positioning of the cross beam of the vehicle body can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the vehicle tooling assembly. If the groove cross beam is used, the width direction of the vehicle body needs to be based on the width between the longitudinal beams. For transverse and longitudinal, L-shaped positioning block shall be used for positioning, and spot welding shall be carried out after positioning.
3.4 body leaf spring support
The lifting lug hole is mainly used to determine the position of the leaf spring support of the automobile body

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