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To drive a racing go kart, you shtingould wear a complete set of equipment: racing clothes, helmets (full helmet type), headgear, racing gloves, racing shoes and rib guards. Then there is neck protection, but it is not necessary. If it is a young driver, it should be worn to prevent injury. These equipment can protect you from serious injury in the event of an accident. At the same time, racing shoes and racing gloves can improve your accuracy of controlling the car.
The wrong posture left by some people in indoor venues is that the whole person will move when entering the corner, which is absolutely not allowed. Because the go kart itself is very light, it is only about 90kg without counterweight, and most of us weigh more than 60kg. Your every action will affect the balance of the car. Therefore, when you just drive a racing go kart, your body should be fixed into the bend as much as possible. Don’t swing left and right, lie back slightly, lean your back against the back of the seat, and retract your chin slightly. You must not skew your neck, otherwise it will seriously affect the sense of balance and the accuracy of hand and foot operation, and there is a risk of spraining your neck.
Go karts are prone to oversteer because the main components are concentrated near the rear axle. There will be serious power loss if the go kart loses control and swings its tail. Because the engine has no gear, and you should know that its horsepower value is really only 30. When the car skids, it will lose speed, resulting in difficulty in starting again, especially the ROK engine. I’m referring to the drift that makes the car cross. (e.g. the first season of acronym d) but we will find that after driving more, it seems difficult to avoid oversteer, especially in the U-turn, because the direction is too flexible after reducing the speed.
The distribution of tire grip is simply longitudinal and transverse. Longitudinal is the rolling friction between normal forward rolling and the ground. The friction will increase with the increase of speed. The lateral direction is the sliding friction caused by the abnormal movement of the tire during cornering. When the vehicle speed is high, due to the longitudinal grip of the tire taking up more grip performance, understeer (commonly known as pushing head) is more likely to occur, while oversteer will occur when the speed is slow.
Here comes a go kart driving skill: while braking heavily, press the steering wheel down with both hands, which can prevent out of control when entering the corner. Another point is also a matter of attention. Make a big turn after the brake is fully released.
Be sure to wear rib guards! At the beginning, the body has not adapted to the pressure of large centrifugal force on the waist and ribs, and the rib guard can play a protective role (the length and tightness of the rib guard should also be adjusted!) Prevent soft tissue damage caused by body and seat extrusion. At the same time, it is best to stick protective cotton on both sides of the seat, because there are several nails on both sides of the seat to fix the seat, so it will bulge and easily hurt your ribs. Then pay attention to stop driving once there is pain or wound on both sides of the upper body. Otherwise, it may aggravate the injury or infection. Then you may have to rest for ten days and a half months. Some people with thin legs may have redness and swelling in their knees due to impact with the fuel tank. If they can bear it, they can bear it. If they can’t, they can first take knee pads or stick cotton on both sides of the fuel tank.

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