Advantages and disadvantages of McPherson suspension

Main advantages:

McPherson suspension has good response and handling. The suspension has the advantages of simple structure, small occupied space, small unsprung mass, fast response, low manufacturing cost, easy arrangement of engine and steering system, matching with a variety of springs and automatic adjustment of body height. It is suitable for large engines and assembly on small bodies.

Main disadvantages:

When the connecting line between the upper pivot pin and the lower pivot pin of the shock absorber changes with the inclination angle of the upper pivot pin and the lower pivot pin of the shock absorber, the upper pivot pin and the lower pivot pin of the shock absorber also change. That is, the wheel rotates along the axis of the oscillating kingpin. Therefore, when the suspension is deformed, the positioning angle and track width of the kingpin will change. If it is not designed properly, it will greatly affect the service performance of the vehicle (such as heavy steering, shimmy, tire eccentric wear, low tire service life, etc.).

When driving on uneven roads, the wheels are easy to turn automatically, so the driver must maintain the direction of the steering wheel. When subjected to severe impact, the sliding column is easy to bend, thus affecting the steering performance. Poor stability, weak anti roll and braking ability. It can be relieved after adding the stabilizer bar, but it can not fundamentally solve the problem. The durability is not high. The shock absorber is easy to leak oil and needs to be replaced regularly.

In addition, because the suspension system is connected with the steering system through the steering knuckle, there is interference between them in the process of movement, that is, the so-called steering interference. Therefore, how to properly adjust the arrangement of the linkage to make the suspension system in the ideal range of motion is the technical key to the design of McPherson suspension.

By making full use of the geometric arrangement of the suspension, the ride comfort and handling stability of the vehicle with McPherson suspension can be better performed. It is a development direction of automobile suspension design to make full use of the geometric characteristics of suspension, better control the dynamic characteristics of automobile and further optimize the performance of automobile chassis.

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