Adjustment of clutch

Adjustment of clutch grip stroke: if the stroke at the end of the clutch does not meet the requirements, loosen the lock nut at the root of the grip and rotate the adjusting nut left and right to make the stroke at the end of the grip 15mm-20mm. If the cable is replaced, pay attention to various models
For different directions of stay wire, after installation, turn the handlebar to the leftmost and rightmost respectively to adjust the free travel of the handlebar.
Adjustment of clutch clearance: generally, it is OK to screw the adjusting nut of the grip. If the pull wire is checked at the same time, the adjustment effect will be better. If the clutch grip is adjusted and the clearance still fails to meet the requirements, the cable shall be removed and adjusted through the cap on the nut. If the cable skin is cracked, bent and deformed, the cable shall be replaced with a new one.
Maintenance of clutch slip: clutch slip is mainly caused by insufficient clutch grip clearance. If the clearance of the right grip is too small or there is no clearance at all, the clutch is always in a semi clutch state, which will inevitably cause the clutch to slip. Loosen the lock nut at the root of the grip counterclockwise, and then turn the adjusting nut left and right until the gap is appropriate. If the clearance standard value is still not reached after adjusting the grip nut, lift the support fixing the pull wire adjusting nut upward. After the adjustment, start the engine and check whether the shift is stable, neat and whether there is sliding wear or abnormal noise. If there is a problem, find out the cause and eliminate it further

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